Who we are?

Qazaq-Finish Technology Center (QazFinnTech Center, QFTC) - registered as a non-profit legal entity at the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC).

QFTC was established in accordance with the assignment by the President of Qazaqstan, Mr.Nursultan Nazarbayev, made after his meeting in 2017 with the President of Finland, Mr.Sauli Niinisto.


Benefits of QFTC to Qazaqstan organisations
Easy and effective access to:
  • Green technologies from leading suppliers / technology providers.
  • Participation in green initiatives of the scale of entire industries.
  • Project management support.
  • Best practices, "green consultants" and relevant green tech studies.
  • Various funding alternatives.
Benefits of QFTC to finnish organisations
Easy and effective access to:
  • Relevant projects in Qazaqstan and Central Asia.
  • Participation in green initiatives of the scale of entire industries.
  • Experienced partners to support development of green projects.
  • Decision makers from Qazaqstan government.
  • References to the results of development projects for potential technology providers to lower their barrier for cooperation.
What we do?
  • Help in negotiations, financing & project management.
  • Implement development projects in focus areas to demonstrate the opportunities of green technologies & advice on measures to best implement green strategy in Qazaqstan.
  • Attract world-class technology providers as members of QFTC.
  • Provide results of development projects to the potential technology vendors to lower their barrier for cooperation.
  • Commit feasibility studies where Qazaq organizations will benefit from the study and can use it as a basis for their projects.
  • Assist in localization of Finnish technologies with a potential to export them further into Russia and Central Asian countries.
  • Assist beneficiaries in attracting investment, where necessary.
Focus areas
Initial QFTC Projects are the following:
Circular Economy

Import of lubricants reduced two-fold or more in 5 years, wtih respective expenses by large companies reduced by 30%.

Converting all municipal solid organic waste and sewage sludge into electricity, heat, and fertilizer.


An international level fish farming industry jump-started over the first 3 years.

Commercial forestry established, with 1-2 billion euro turnover potential, putting Qazaqstan on a path to becoming an exporter of forestry products.


Secondary education pilots based on the Finnish model launched in the first five schools in the first year.

Digital technologies

IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in the concept of smart city (example, smart water cycle), as well as for pulp and paper, metal, mining and food industries.

+100 members in the first 3 years
+100 projects commenced over the first 3 years
+100 million euros attracted in green technology projects over the first 5 years
+100 engineers, scientists and teachers trained in advanced green technologies in or alongside practical applications in Qazaqstan and Finland in a span of 4 years
Become a QFTC member
We invite private & public companies, investors, financial & development organizations, governmental entities, education universities & business associations.
1. Basic Company information
2. Please choose and fill in either 2.1. if you are a technology solution provider, and 2.2. if you are a customer in need of technological solutions:
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Our partners
Our contacts
Dmitriy Zhukov – Director
Qazaq-Finnish Technology Center
+7 777 713 3330
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St. Mangilik El  11/1
office 603
+7 777 333 222 7
Almaty, Qazaqstan ​
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Espoo, Finland       
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